would trade it all for a little more

Occasionally, a plaintive tone crept into the diagnostic questions. “Can any person of white blood—even one—be considered guiltless?” Warren asked. Taken aback, Malcolm denied the validity of “blood damnation” on a religious basis but observed that it would be difficult to filter out the actual “criminal oppression of the American Negro.”

"Let’s take an extreme case," pressed Warren. He postulated that "a white child of three or four—an age below decisions or responsibility—is facing death before an oncoming truck." Did such a child bear guilt for the oppression of Negroes?

Malcolm X turned the question around. “The only way you can determine that,” he replied, “is to take a Negro child who is only four years old. Can he escape—though he’s only four years old—can he escape the stigma of segregation?”

Warren tried another tack. “Let’s put the Negro child in front of the truck,” he supposed, “and put a white man there who leaps, risks his own life, to save the child.”

However noble the deed, Malcolm replied, “that same man would have to toss that child back into segregation.”

"But what is your attitude toward his moral nature?" asked Warren.

"I’m not even interested in his moral nature," said Malcolm. "Until the problem is solved, we’re not interested in anybody’s moral nature."

Malcolm’s refusal to open a door for individual absolution deeply affected Warren … [he] sizzled with fury on the written page … “Everyone wants to be loved … but Malcolm X, even now, will have none of this. That stony face breaks into the merciless, glittering leer … the sudden wolfish grin, the pale pink lips drawn hard back to show the strong teeth, the unveiled glitter of the eyes behind the lenses, giving the sense that the lenses were only part of a clever disguise, that the eyes need no help, that they suddenly see everything.”

from Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-65
by Taylor Branch
remember whenever you think about saying, ‘but i’m one of the good ones…’ or ‘not all…’

Fuck The Police (Street) - Jay Dee

On the count of 3 say Fuck The Police
1, 2, 3!
(Fuck The Police)

And see we got these fake cops
They thought he had a gun
Made a mistake cops, I hate cops

back to school tomorrow

back to school tomorrow

Jealous (I Ain’t With It) - Chromeo

Song of the summer, ?uestlove said so…

Marlon Brando, Los Angeles, 1959

Marlon Brando, Los Angeles, 1959